Meet Josephine Adeti the Animator
Josephine is a Telecommunications and Information Engineer by training.She serves as the head of Partnerships and engagements at Opportunity Desk.She is also the founder of Awescribers a growing start-up using animated video as an engaging instrument to help you tell your story more comprehensively weather in business,Education or your personal life story.

A sample of her work

Meet Mariam the creative designer
Mariam is A professional Counselor Social worker. A soccer Queen by talent and a Creative designer by Talent too. She's been working with the Street Families of Mombasa Kenya since she was 19 years old, 8 years experience.

She uses her professionalism and talents to help this youth and Women of Kenya Coast find economic independence.They turning waste to creative work from damaged shoes to cowshells ,her ability to turn them to beautiful jewelries and other amazing finished products will amaze you.Next time you are considering to throw your used shoes think about Mariam ! she can can turn them to treasure

Being the founder and president with a team 5 executives. They are dedicated to be a part of solution by helping to fight street culture that comes along with lots of vices to mention but a few. Drugs and substance abuse, violence extremism, sex exploitation and unemployment.

Sample of her work
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