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Everything you need to know about content and digital marketing
I am old school,I prefer using Post-it instead of google and Apple calendar, hold a physical book than reading with a kindle,or talking in person than through social media…but the way technology has taken up the world I've had to adapt to live the changes and I know you have too.As with all transnational changes, they present us with great opportunity – and significant challenges too
Why content writting is a priority
We live in a digital world. How would you be reading this without that phone, tablet, or laptop in front of you, maybe this content would never reach you.

With digital world changing so fast,it is hard to keep up the pace if you dont know the web language and right strategies to have the right content to engage your clients or audience.

Studies shows that 85% of Consumers Conduct Online Research Before Making a Purchase Online

Content marketing can get complicated if you are unclear about how you want to go about it.

How it works

Content marketing becomes a bridge between your brand and your target market. In the process it improves your sales numbers and gives results when approached strategically.
Make content,through social media/blog post/Podcast/
People click on the content
If people like your content they will remember
If they like the content they will come back for more content
You build trust and really human relationships
When they decide to buy you will be the first choice
Content marketing for small businesses and start-ups goes beyond creating content.It is not enough to create,it is also important to know what you are creating.


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